Netflix Subscription Plans and Prices per Month In 2019

Netflix cost per month  

Lots of streaming sites available in internet like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, among them most popular streaming site is Netflix. As we know that Netflix is not free for streaming any shows. So How Much is Netflix Subscription Plans and Prices per Month (November, 2018)? Hare in this article we’re going to shear all the Netflix plans and prices per month.  So let’s get started.

Specification of Netflix 


1.      Free for one month for new user
2.      enjoy TV series, Netflix Movies in HD
3.      you’ll download any shows
4.      ultra HD mode available
5.      support all device

Netflix Subscription Plans & Prices Per Month

Netflix offering you three kinds of plains like basic, standard and premium. All the plains offer you difference plans & Prices per Month.


1.     Basic – 7.99$ (No HD)
2.     Slandered – 10.99$ (HD)
3.     Premium – 13.99 (Ultra HD)
4.      DVD – 4.99$ – 14.99$
Hare we already describe all the Netflix subscription plans. So choose yours Netflix packages and enjoy unlimited HD movies and TV series on Netflix.

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